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The Biosoja is characterized by a great dynamism and since its foundation in 1971, the Group has been constantly improving its products and industrial processes.

The Biosoja currently has five industrial units, all of them are located near to Ribeirão Preto, in the State of São Paulo, thus facilitating the distribution of its products in all the units of the federation and exporting its product line for the Mercosur countries and Bolivia.

At the present moment, the Biosoja has more than 180 products, which are able to meet the needs of the most diverse cultures and the animal nutrition industry. These products are classified as acaricides, adjuvants, soil conditioner, soil fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, fertigation fertilizers, fertilizer for seed treatment, inoculants, ant bait and agriculture and livestock salts.

The Biosojas has an agronomist and technical assistant’s team, which is constantly in contact with agricultural producers to enhance the use of its products in order to increase the agricultural productivity and profitability.

The industrial units are in constant expansion and modernization aiming to add the most modern technologies for the enhancement of all industrial processes and reducing the emissions of pollutants to the minimum possible.

The Biosoja has always been next to the rural producer and always aimed to find alternatives to meet their needs and to work together to maximize the potential of their crops and their livestock.


To provide to agriculture solutions, innovations and technology in nutrition and plant physiology, through excellence in products and services.


To be credited as the best Brazilian company in nutrition and plant physiology in value creation for customers, shareholders and employees.


  • Team spirit;
  • Ethics and Integrity;
  • Focus on the Customer;
  • Innovation and Creativity;
  • Tenacity;
  • Respect and Social and Environmental Responsibility.

40 years of tradition


Indústria Bio Soja de Inoculantes is founded in São Joaquim da Barra – São Paulo state.


Start of Nodulus® production, ideal for maximum efficiency in the inoculation.


Bio Soja starts the sales of the first Brazilian peat inoculant.


Launch of Biomax brand for peat inoculant.


Start of Fertilitis® line production intended to the foliar treatment and application in several crops.


Launch of Biomax – L Inoculant, providing a new alternative for seeds treatment


Launch of new Biomax premium peat inoculant, produced with peat imported from Canada.


• First industrial unit opened in the city of Serrana - SP, in charge of the manufacturing of Tamanduá Bandeira Formicide Bait - S, Du Fol Filming Agent Sticker, Sulfure 750 Acaricide/Antifungal, and Fertium soils conditioner.

• Other unit opened in the city of São Joaquim da Barra - SP - manufacturing of sulphates, molybdates, and chlorides.


Start of manufacturing of purified MAP fertilizer at Fertilizers Unit in São Joaquim da Barra - SP


• Bioxi Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda plant is opened in the city of Aparecida de Goiânia – GO, an affiliated company of Grupo Bio Soja, in charge of manufacturing copper sulphate and other products.

• Granorte plant is opened


Launch of Gran® Line manufactured at the affiliated company in Ituverava - SP


New Chemical Analysis laboratory is opened at Granorte in Ituverava


Bio Soja Fertilizantes Ltda plant is opened in Serrana – SP, an affiliated company of Grupo Bio Soja, responsible for manufacturing Fertium, copper sulphate, and other products.


The industrial unit of São Joaquim da Barra – SP starts its operations, manufacturing and selling world’s first inoculant for production of eucalyptus seedlings, Rizolyptus®


Biomax® Premium Milho is launched, an inoculant intended to corn crops.


The second industrial unit is opened in Catalão – GO, servicing the increasing demand from soil fertilizing industries with secondary macronutrients and micronutrients.


The new laboratory of Chemical Analysis of Bio Soja Fertilizantes de São Joaquim da Barra – SP is opened